Its so good to be home trust me on that!. This blog post was suppose to be up by yesterday but I was just too lazy because of the stressful day I had and yeah that’s by the way. Let the story begin…

Each time I go out on a road trip I usually take my camera along but I wont make use of it because I wasn’t confident enough to bring it out in public, or maybe the reaction from people around would give me a weird feeling and also havingΒ  crazy thought that people might come and attack me because I’m taking pictures of them or their belongings things like that. So with time I kept on encouraging myself and taking advises from fellow bloggers and good people around me.

As at yesterday, I encouraged myself again and this time around I took my camera with me and made use of it. This may sound little but its like a great achievement for me, these are the pictures I took somewhere in Nigeria, Rivers state yesterday. I actually had fun doing this “experiment” where I have to take pictures of what may interest me . For those fighting such fear this is my advice to you : keep onΒ  encouraging yourself, meet people who could help with good advice in this kind of situation and see yourself working towards it.

Guess I have been helpful with my experience and hoping to see some of you share your own testimony here, see you next time.


Lauretta Uti.

IMG_1078 as Smart Object-1

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