I’m not really a book kind of person but something that has to do with the way of life and how to go about it, I’m interested in it. So, I have been  reading a book for a while now and I’m finding it so fascinating.

For years now I have been on this issue of “thinking”,It has really damaged a lot in my life, really tired about that and I’m ready to change it with the help of this powerful book. Like for an example; I could be in a place filled with people and I’m just there at one corner busy thinking or I might just be alone and I get thoughts coming into my head from no where. For me I felt it was a place I could talk out but inside [you know what i mean?]and get relaxed when I have no one to talk to or maybe I have things bothering me, at this point I could be thinking about something productive or stupid [random stuffs…] as the case may be. Trust me when I say thinking a lot causes more damage if its not directed to the wright way, I’m a living testimony of that.




This book [POWER THOUGHTS: 12 strategies to win the battle of the mind] by JOYCE MEYER is a gift to me by a dear sister and thankful enough to have it, It has been a good tool in my life I must say. When my hands touched this book I knew that something is about to be changed for good.


Learned  a lot while reading this book, have been able to be a controller of my mind  and I’m taking my state of mind to a new level, hope you get a copy if you have to because this is a miracle tool. Its actually a guide that helps you understand how the mind works and how you can make it workout for you positively,  there are questions you would have to meditate on if you want to actually. Always have your writing materials with you in other to put some useful tips down.


There are times you just have to be or act like a captain of your own ship despite the passengers on board, right now I’m the controller of my ship and  guess my passengers would have to obey me. And I’m grateful to the author of this book JOYCE MEYER, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers.

Hope I have been able to help someone out and see you next time!

xoxo lauretta uti.


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