The long awaited blog is here and I’m super excited about it, thank goodness I have the opportunity to do this now. I was  nominated by FOLA OSENI. So let me get down with it.


To accept the award you have to write a post to show the award.

Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you

Thank you! FOLA OSENI for nominating me.

Give a brief story about how you started blogging

Well, I started blogging in the year 2014 during the summer break, I was actually bored that period and getting tired of wasting my time doing nothing and all. Then I went online searching for what I could possible do with my precious time and it landed me into blogging and yeah ! that’s how I started blogging.

Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers 

Its very simple, just be who you really are don’t try to copy someone else you will end up not liking what you are becoming and you wont be able to continue with such thing.

And secondly, Be patient. You may want your blogging life to spring up just like that with magic? Its actually not like that, one step after the other. And trust me you will be happy telling your experience someday and people will actually love you for you.

Nominate 15 deserving bloggers 

  • Nwazojie chiamaka
  • Enoabasi nta
  • Amanda nsofor
  • Karis nsofor
  • Chidimma nenrietha akubue
  • Lana dolly
  • Zainab .s
  • The black writer
  • Ijenna mirabel osuji
  • Munastiic
  • Jessica ugabah
  • Louella
  • Jennifer okafor
  • Sandra uche
  • Ihurve davies

Thank you! for stopping by and I hope you found it interesting, any blogger you want them to be recognize?… please leave a comment below and see you next time.

XOXO Lauretta Uti


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