A little introduction about myself wont hurt so I came up with something like this and I’m hoping  y’all find it interesting to know some random facts about me.


  • My name is LAURETTA UTI from Nigeria, Delta state to be specific.
  • I’m 20 years old ( hope you don’t get surprised).
  • I’m 5’6 ft
  • Light skinned BIG baby .
  • Black natural hair with a 4b&4c hair type.
  • I’m a student, studying nursing in Cyprus International University, North Cyprus.
  • I’m a blogger ( guess you already know that) and a wanna be photographer, don’t know if there is something like that.


  • If there is one food I could eat everyday it should be YAM, my love for yam is no jokes at all.
  • Pepsi or cola is my favorite drink (basically known for that...)
  • I find cooking interesting, so I know how to cook. ( see wife material 100yards)
  • In love with dark colors or shades and my favorite color is dark purple.
  • I’m actually a lazy person when it comes to going out,I would rather spend most of my time indoors chatting, calling or even scrolling through social medias to keep myself busy or taking a long nap.
  • When I get close to someone I love to treat them like family and I get so free with them to disturb,that’s why I’m very selective.
  • I love eating cakes, I just hope it doesn’t  come addictive.
  • I put God first in everything I do and my family too.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know some few things about me,I’m just simple like that. And thank you for stopping by and see you next time!.




XOXO  Lauretta Uti


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