5 Things I didn’t get to do during my teenage days

Hello Tesoros ( sweetheart in Italian). OMG! have missed you all and blogging too, it’s been ages and I’m happy to be back on deck. By the way this summer is so HOT!! it makes me miss Nigeria my home low-key, I remember last summer I was in Nigeria and still fair in complexion, just look at me now I’m one shade darker than my normal skin color (for real) at some point I just give up and move on with the summer joy here in Cyprus ( I mean I gat no other choice).

IMG_3089 as Smart Object-1

Who missed those days as a teenager when putting on no makeup was an easy lifestyle ? and when someone calls you beautiful the natural blush on your face could tell the joy in your heart πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€ (in your mind “I know” ), not now we have to put layers of foundation to cover a single spot on the face 😧. So basically, I spent half of my teenage days in boarding school (high school) in Nigeria and 17,18 &19 in university (college).

Being a teenager was kind of fun and stress free for me; I didn’t get to go for parties or clubbing, the only parties I could actually attend was the ones in my secondary school (cultural day, burn fire night, camp meeting,etc...) Which are around the four walls of the school. The one I tried outside school didn’t go well at the end.

Funny enough I didn’t get to take alcohol , my real Gs were basically soft drinks and my fav still remains pepsi till date (they were there for me) and water too. I don’t like fanta for some odd reasons.

I didn’t get to wear opened clothes (like sexy dem clothes), literally my dress code was ( a pair of short with a T-shirt and a nice pair of sneaks) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚; that tomboy kinda look, I grew up with this into college, still looked hot in it though and some people still tripped funny enough.

Making friends was and I think still is a very big job for me, my parents could testify to that, that’s apparently how I knew I was antisocial ( I’m still thanking God for college life). Like I can talk to someone today and the person will be thinking we are already friends and next day it will be like I had a brain wash or I will go back to highschool after holidays and that’s it, I just forget about the person and I’m always shy to open a conversation with the person (that kills me every time 😧😧).


I was that type of child that would go out and come back home before 6pm in the evening because of some rules and regulations and trust me it molded me (no jokes). So eventually, if I go out to visit a friend (schoolmate) I have to be watching my time closely so that I won’t commit. That’s how nature did its job, was out until 9-10pm because of Port Harcourt traffic ( Oh my goodness!) my heart was on my legs, my hands couldn’t handle the heart beats because it was beating so fast (lol) in mind I was just praying and hoping my parents would hear me out ( living with a Nigerian parent you know what’s up). That’s how went home praying and safely (you don’t want to know what happened next) lol 😁😁 (I’m literally laughing at myself).

Please do comment below some of the things you didn’t get to do in your teenage days. And I hope you enjoy reading through 😘. Thank you for stopping by!.

XOXO Lauretta Uti


8 thoughts on “5 Things I didn’t get to do during my teenage days

  1. Well in secondary school I never got to go on holidays and I never got to play video games infact any game like it was a sin, the most annoying part was I never go to visit Father Christmas or went for graduation I didn’t even go for mine because my dad never wanted us out of the life. Very horrible

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  2. I was never allowed to leave the house without my parents or their driver, I lived a triangular life, from the house to school, then to church and bk to the house and this lifestyle made me miss a lot of fun things like going to the mall with just my friends and going to the movies. This crazy lifestyle has really affected me now cause I cannot go out alone and if I did I would be scared dat I’m gonna get missing cause I don’t really know a lot of places in port harcourtπŸ˜‚

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  3. Hey…that’s may teenage life you just told. Although it was 4pm not 6pmπŸ˜‰.

    Nice write-up.The way you wrote it,I know it’s from the heart and it some real a## stuff you said.ottimo lavoro(great job in Italian😏)

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  4. Teenage life was basically boring for me. I was a day student and my school was at the back of my house. There was nowhere I could go to with my friends because from my parents window you could see what’s happening inside my school. I started hanging out when I gain admission into the University of Benin.
    Apart from the slight difference, I could actually relate to every other thing you talked about.

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