About Lauretta blogging


Hello beautiful people, thank you for stopping by to know more about me. This is my blog as you already know where I share what I like, what motivate,inspire me,what really captures my attention about living a good and healthy lifestyle.Well, i will just go on with the introduction part.

I’m 19 and a student doing a Bachelor degree program in Pharmacy. In heart I’m a creative kind of person, in love with fashion,exploring, and making the best of my talent. All of these makes ME because I will always love me and be forever grateful to my ALMIGHTY GOD.

Doing my work as a blogger has brought so much joy in my heart, it makes me express the way I feel and be able to share my views about some certain things i know and I’m still getting to know about. It has been a great opportunity and a journey as a person. Everyday i get stronger when i see people out there supporting my blog and of all gives me happiness, will continue to do more as time may permit me.

NOTE: will not accept any form of indiscipline on my blog or will be blocked if committed.


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